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The What, Why and Who of it All

I'd like to introduce Finding Common Ground's - Family Mediation Services blog called 'Mediation Minute'.

I am creating the Mediation Minute blog with the goal of empowering you during what can be one of the most difficult times of your life by providing you with information that will help you decide what next steps are in the best interest for you and your family. This blog will cover a variety of topics that will not only break down the mediation process into bite size pieces but will also discuss topics that will help your mindset during this difficult time. They will be stand-alone blogs so that you can pick out any one of them depending on what you are going through at the time.

While mediation has been around for years and is slowly being recognized as a successful alternative dispute resolution method, not a lot of people know just how helpful mediation can truly be. Through the Mediation Minute blog, I hope to shine a light on how mediation can be empowering but also flexible and fluid. Though the Mediation Minute blog is not to be considered or used as legal or medical advice, it will share information that can be used to support you to find the courage to ask questions.

Not only will the blog talk about the mediation process itself, but also topics that may come up when separating and/or divorcing from your partner. These are topics that may be seen as struggles, but they are equally opportunities for growth and reclaiming your power. The topics discussed will be based on my personal experience and the experiences I’ve seen through cases over the years. I hope that this blog will help you take the step to have a conversation – with me, or anyone you trust.

Now that I’ve covered the what and the why, I’d like to take a quick second to discuss the ‘who’, meaning me. I decided to create this blog as a resource and a place where you can learn information stemming from real-world experiences. Rest assured that I will not name any names or any case specifics, but I will draw on themes I’ve seen first-hand from past cases. I acknowledge that separating and/or divorcing from your partner is a hard decision to make and process to go through. It is not linear and there are times where you may start to question why you are doing this or whether you should continue. But hopefully with this blog you will be able to learn something new that sparks the courage to ask questions. Asking questions and getting information is empowering. During these difficult times, when you may feel like you’ve lost your power and control, I want to support you in a way where you feel like you can be courageous.

So, let’s do this – together – let’s embark on this journey because, guess what? Starting this blog has been a long time coming for me and it’s time that I be courageous too. I’ll be right there next to you on this journey of courage and empowerment. As I always like to say: so, let’s talk.

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