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 Finding Common Ground - Family Mediation Services' mission is simple: to provide high-quality services for valued clients. Going through a divorce or separation is a difficult time for a family.  Finding Common Ground - Family Mediation Services provides an environment that is safe, neutral and facilitates open communication. The mediation services provided can be tailored to your needs.  Through open communication and exceptional service, collectively we will work towards positive outcomes.  For more information or general inquiries, get in touch today.

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What is mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential alternative dispute resolution method. In mediation there is a mediator, who is a third-party, present to oversee the entire process. The mediator remains neutral and facilitates open and respectful communication. 

Mediation encourages open dialogue between the parties in order to reach a common ground. Mediation is a safe non-adversarial environment. Mediation is not a tool used to determine who is right or wrong.

 As this is a voluntary process, both parties are encouraged to attend, and remain engaged in order to arrive at positive outcomes.  Unlike the adversarial process, decisions and outcomes are not imposed on the parties. Collectively, we work through conflict in order to arrive at outcomes that are agreeable to all parties. 


There are a few steps within the mediation process. There is the intake process, whereby the meditator meets with each party individually. This is to get a sense of the nature of the conflict. Next there are the mediation sessions(s). This is where all of the parties meet with the mediator to start having a conversation and working through the conflict. Lastly, there is the mediated report. This is completed by the mediator and includes the agreed upon terms and outcomes.  What happens with the report is determined by what the parties would like to do. This will be discussed with you during the process.

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Intake Session

An Intake Session is a confidential one-on-one discussion between the mediator and client. It is a conversation designed for the mediator to get an understanding of the client's situation and needs.  The intake session typically takes 60 minutes but can vary.

Mediation Session

This method of conflict resolution is safe and confidential attempt to resolve conflicts. The mediation session can be tailored to the clients' needs. The mediator will facilitate the conversation between the two parties to ensure that both parties concerns are heard, in a neutral environment. 

Mediated Report

The mediator prepares a mediation report that includes all of the terms the parties mutually agreed enabliing the parties to move forward post-separation. While this report is not legally binding, it can be provided to each party's legal counsel to make it legally enforceable.

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As there are various options for a mediation package, please send an email for your free personalized quote.

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The services are available by appointment only. As well, the services are provided virtually so there is flexibility on the types of appointments that can be booked. Finding Common Ground - Family Mediation Services provides mediation services within Ontario, Canada. 

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I am very honored to be working with you and to help you find a common ground during this difficult time.
I have over 20 years of experience working collaboratively towards a new path forward that works for everyone. Additionally, I have a lot of experience working with people who have experienced intergenerational trauma. Currently, I also provide support to individuals that have been victimized. With this experience, I have developed a skill set that provides a safe and balanced environment that fosters open communication.  
I am looking forward to getting to know you. So, let's talk. 

Chantal Oickle, AccFM

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Serving Ontario Canada, including the National Capital Region.

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